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You are great company, extra fast resolving problem, extra fast installing server, superb!
I store several databases on the server provided by this company. I have no problems accessing them, it is always available as well as I haven't noticed any glitches. There is a license for Windows. I am happy with their tech support, they helped configure a server according to my tasks. I recommend it.
I am a web developer, I have gone through a lot of providers, and I can confidently recommend Serverspace as the best! The speed is good and nothing hangs. I rented a server from another host before, and I was facing constant outages and disruptions. Also, it took them a while to solve my problems. Here, I don't experience such problems, I like it very much!
I want to point out that the performance of the virtual server is high, while the server plan is almost minimal. I have deployed in just a few minutes, high-quality hardware, drives don't die. The speed is really great, all speed checks prove that.
I rent a server for corporate email. It is stable and handles the load. The control panel is easy to administer. I rarely contact technical support, and they have solved the majority of issues quickly.
We have been using it for 6 months. I have added my clients to it, to work remotely, so it is more cost-effective, and as for the quality of access, it is not worse than other companies offer. I really like the design of the control panel and the site itself. Nothing extra, not overloaded. It is much more convenient in comparison to DO and other clouds.
We store our virtual infrastructure there. For all the time, there were no failures, according to our monitoring. So far, our uptime is perfect. Prices are very affordable, there are no monthly subscription fees, you pay as you go. And, by the way, ping time to servers is normal, this is important.
We are happy with the provider. They warn about website maintenance works beforehand. The servers are stable. Support tickets are managed efficiently and correctly. Excellent web interface. II have never seen a better and more reliable hosting service for this price.
Among all the companies I have rented hosting from, including DigitalOcean and Vultr; Serverspace has the best customer service! I have everything runs smoothly. I recommend it to everyone. A special thanks to the company!
A stable platform for testing my mobile app. I can't say anything bad. Everything is up to standard, choosing the data center, parameters. When registering the server, I've got my test account topped up. When increasing the load, you can upgrade the server parameters to more powerful ones. I haven't contacted the support yet, as there were no reasons to do so.
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