Voice of Customer

I’ve recently had a chance to try out the service offered by Serverspace. The first thing I notice is the user interface is very intuitive. As much as I love AWS, the design of Serverspace feels much more natural and is quite pretty. Another nice feature was the blue sliders for the server settings. Sometimes I am trying to quickly spin up a server during a “fire” and having to specifically click and key in the numbers I need sets me back. Finally, the settings are simple but they do not feel lacking for the majority of deployments.
I am very satisfied with the simplicity and ergonomy of the platform. The various possibilities it offers enabled me to concentrate on the core service and get reassured about the infrastructure details. So, I have not brought time on checking the physical hardware issues or storage errors since at every point of time my data is backed up and securely available over the network. For high-quality VPS Services, don't hesitate: it is your ultimate choice
I love to check out different services and a few days ago I have found out Serverspace. Regarding the Server creation, it was easier than Vultr or Digital Ocean. The website is easy to navigate and it took me less than 4 minutes to create the server including the registering part. For me, as a system administrator, it is very important not to lose time in a "register-server creation" part, so I can be focused directly on the server setup directly.
The fact that you provide a no-strings-attached policy toward your trial period is fantastic. This lets the potential costumers make measured decisions without requiring too much investment on comparing the services with just marketing metrics. I was able create my server and deploy it within minutes which was awesome. Provisioning time was also good pretty good.
Hosting my clients’ websites a server in Netherlands was a challenge for me. The question of distance was the main limiting factor. But after using the services of serverspace I was positively surprised.
Hi. My name is Christian personally i think your VDS and VPS is a one of best providers i have meet in web. Nice clear menu help me to sort all in the way i want to do it. Second thing is that i can increase hardware needs in real time without reseting all my data on hard drive. I just suggest to you to make some refferal program that ppl can earn small amounts of $ and by that way you can get more peoples to your avensome services . Thanks You are here Regards
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