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Daniella Coleman
June 5, 2023
Updated June 5, 2023

Extended configurations in Amsterdam

Cloud provider Serverspace has hosted modern hardware in an additional cluster in data centre AM2. It is the third cluster in Amsterdam. Its main feature is the possibility to create extended configurations of cloud server resources. It is now possible to order VPS with processors (CPUs) of up to 32 cores.

In the data centre, our specialists installed 6 2U servers of the SuperMicro build. Servers of this brand have performed well in this and other locations, so we used a new series model based on 3rd generation Intel Xeon Gold 6326 16-core processors with a clock speed of 2.90GHz in the new cluster.

Our specialists have successfully implemented two L2/L3 switches, the Cisco Nexus 93180YC-EX, to provide maximum performance and meet the growing needs of today's data centers. These switches support both Layer 2 (L2) and Layer 3 (L3) functionality, allowing them to efficiently manage network traffic and provide optimal data switching.

As part of the expansion of resources in the Dutch data centre, customers can now deploy VPS with CPUs of up to 32 cores. This enables the full potential of data processing to be exploited and provides high performance for user applications and services. Virtual servers with large CPU specifications are capable of handling complex and computationally intensive tasks. Increasing the number of CPU cores allows the load to be distributed across multiple parallel threads, resulting in faster task execution and improved system responsiveness.

How do I set up a server with an extended CPU configuration in Amsterdam?

To order a VPS with a extended configuration in Amsterdam you need to

  • go to Serverspace panel;
  • start creating a VPS via the vStack cloud tab;
  • check the VPS resources. Select up to 32 CPUs in the CPU selection line;
  • select the location - Amsterdam, Netherlands;
  • click on the button "Create" in the bottom right corner.

Automatically VPS will be created in the chosen location.

* All new projects, as well as projects where all services and resources in Amsterdam have been previously removed can order VPS in the new cluster.

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