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Daniella Coleman
June 15, 2023
Updated July 3, 2023

Serverspace control panel release

Cloud provider Serverspace has released a new control panel design. As a result of the first step, the team has made significant changes to the overall layout, calculators, and settings pages.

Previously, due to limited demand for mobile usage of the website and control panel, the mobile version was not adapted. However, by the end of 2022, the demand increased to over 32% of the total customer base. Therefore, the main goal of the release was to create mobile responsiveness. To ensure a faster launch on mobile devices, developers updated two main sections: "Server Creation" and "Refill balance". Soon the team will update the remaining sections.

The Serverspace control panel interface has become not only more modern but also user-friendly. Through research and user feedback, the team has significantly simplified navigation and feature display in the panel.

Control panel

Key updates include

  • Right side display of server configuration and cost in the server creation calculator. This update allows users to track selected parameters and their impact on the overall server cost.
  • Additional display of the list of cloud servers in the form of cards. Users now have the option to choose between the familiar list format and the new card representation. The card displays key information about the server including its current status, data center, operating system, IP address, and cloud server resources.
  • Tag management. Now it is allowed to add and remove tags directly in the server cards.
  • Status filter and sorting. The addition of these features has made the server search process easier. Users can easily filter servers by their status and sort them accordingly.
  • Copying code from system instructions directly in the control panel. Users can now utilize the necessary code from the panel's instructions for server configuration or other tasks.
  • Control panel adaptation for mobiles. Users now can use panel more comfortably on smartphones and pads, providing access to service creation and payment capabilities.

The updated design of the Serverspace control panel is the result of careful analysis of user needs and the team's commitment to continuous improvement of the user experience. The new features and enhancements will enable users to more efficiently manage their cloud servers and achieve their goals in a more convenient and intuitive environment.

To take advantage of the updated panel, simply create a Serverspace account or log into your existing account.


One of the upcoming updates will include a dark theme, allowing for a comfortable working environment, especially for developers who frequently work in low-light conditions or during nighttime.

The Serverspace team is also actively working on improving the mobile version. In the near future, customers will be able to fully manage their cloud infrastructure on any device.

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