Block Storage

Easily mount expandable storage volumes directly to your cloud servers.

Makes Your VM Better

Straightforward, as portable SSDs for a PC, only in the cloud.


You can easily manage the capacity by increasing it even after creating a volume. The single volume size is from 10 GB up to 1 TB, and a single VM can mount up to 4 add volumes.


Storage volumes data replication is higher than the industry’s average level, which ensures rapid data recovery, and the data availability is as high as 99.9% to protect your volumes from failure.


Cloud storage volumes can be managed with simple automated operations such as creating, mounting, and deleting, without wasting time on manual control and deployment costs.

Blazing Fast

Enjoy high IO performance block storage for a wide range of workloads.

Resilient and Swift
We use the best high-speed disk drives in the cloud market. Their volume expands on demand in seconds.
Redundant and Reliable
Storage volumes are physically isolated from virtual machines, and their data is replicated multiple times.

Predictable Pricing

No surprise bills — we guarantee a fixed price of $1/mo per 10 GB.

Great For

Database Storage

High read/write speed and low latency are ideal for placing various databases in block storage. As your databases grow, volumes can be easily scaled to meet your needs.

Application Placement

Applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, SAP support writing data directly into blocks and are perfectly compatible with block storages. This improves the speed of their work, since the data does not have to be written several times.

VM Space Increase

Block storage allows you to add additional disk space to cloud servers on demand without increasing or decreasing CPU and RAM. This significantly saves server costs.

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