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Set up WordPress on your virtual server, adjust its preferences, and install your desired software.

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99.9% SLA

Continuous access to our servers is assured under the SLA, and should there be any disruptions, a refund is guaranteed.

Fair billing

You don't have a set fee. Instead of it, your balance is debited every 10 minutes based solely on your virtual server usage.

100 Mbps bandwidth.

Every server comes with 1 IPv4 address and an internet connection boasting a 100 Mbps bandwidth.

Benefits Compared to Virtual Hosting

Reasons professional webmasters opt for Virtual Servers:

Unrestricted workload capacity

Your constraints are based on its specifications. Unlike typical hosting, there are no daily restrictions on CPU and MySQL usage.

Customizable Setup

Set up your server from the ground up by yourself. Install the newest versions of LAMP/LEMP-stacks, just like worldwide do.

Choose and update OS as needed

Set up an operating system of your preference on your server. Easily update it through SSH using straightforward commands.

Complete autonomy

Along with the server, you receive a dedicated public IPv4 address. This address is yours, ensuring you never have to share it.

Swift server response rate

Virtual servers optimize performance for all WordPress plugins and themes.

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“Your server is fast as possible and easy to connect and do it the work. I am very happy about your services and i will recommend to my friends.”
“I have 2 windows servers with Serverspace for more than 2 months, I am using them to run trading robots and so far they are working very well, I have not had any problems. Best Regards "”
“I am Brazilian, and after testing several and several sites, both Brazilian and foreign, I arrived at the Serverspace and stayed, in the others it was not 1-2 months, bad service, instabilities and disproportionate price to what was offered, when trying the Serverspace, I fell in love, because it meets my needs without any problems and with practicality my needs.”
“I use this service for Windows 10 server VM with a good service until now, excellent uptime and 0 network or related issues, since the use is not intended for services offers or SaaS/PaaS deployments I don't have any more information about other services you provide.”
“"Serverspace has provided me Remote Desktop Services at a much cheaper price as compared to other providers in the market like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Customer support is also helpful at most of the occasions. But, I had certain issues too. Being a user from India, even on a Fibre based 100 Mbps Internet plan, ping to both of your servers are quite slow which makes my RDP experience quite a bit laggy. In the end, I would like to recommend to increase storage, all the plans have really limited storage. RAM and CPU are sufficient, but Low Storage is seriously a pain. Everything else works great, thanks to your team."”
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