Virtual Private Cloud — New service for secure your business

Serverspace is launching a service for creating isolated networks. It lets you combine Cloud servers in a private cloud within a single data center.

Resources are stored in a private cloud, in a separate isolated network segment, which has no connection to the Internet. Thus it reaches a high level of security and privacy.

This service is free of charge. You can create up to 10 networks within 1 project.

How to create an isolated network

1. Go to «Networks», click on the «Add network» button and select Isolated network out of the network types:

2. Select the data center which stores all of your Cloud servers. Then set addressing parameters by specifying a prefix and network capacity manually or automatically. Enter the name of the network you are creating, add a description if necessary, and click «Create network»:

3. After creating the network, click on its name and click «Connect server» in the «Connection» tab:

4. Select Cloud servers that you need to connect to the isolated network and click «Connect».