Serverspace Terraform Provider

Automate cloud service resources management using the verified Serverspace Terraform Provider.

Simplify cloud infrastructure management

Specify the proper state of your cloud project
and let Terraform do the rest.

Simple configuration
Terraform uses the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) management. Due to this approach, you only need to define the infrastructure parameters in a configuration file and call it in the command line.
Significant time savings
Terraform works in the frame of declarative transaction management, so you don’t have to monitor all possible transit states of the infrastructure. It’s enough to define the necessary recourse level.
Smart tracking
One of the outstanding features of Terraform is that it can be used with the version control system. If the result is below your expectations, you can always restore one of the previous states.
Smooth operation
Be sure – multiple usages of the same configuration file will result in the same outcome. The human mistake factor is eliminated.

Easily connect Serverspace
as Your Provider

Execute a couple of simple commands on the Serverspace Terraform Provider page and generate an API Token to enable Terraform functionalities in the Serverspace services.

How to start?

Terraform installation

  1. Download an archive file from the Terraform website.
  2. Unpack the archive with the binary file to a separate folder which will store configurations.
  3. Enter the fine in PATH.
  4. Set up the completion in shell.

Connecting Serverspace provider

  1. Create a text file containing the provider description.
  2. Copy the code from Terraform Registry and paste it into the file.
  3. Execute the “terraform init” command.

Creating cloud infrastructure

  1. Create and open the file.
  2. Insert the information about the public part of the ssh key into the file and save the changes.
  3. Create and open the file.
  4. Insert the description of your infrastructure into the file
  5. Run the command "terraform apply".