Managed Kubernetes

Deploy a cluster using a managed container orchestration service in 10 minutes.

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Discover the Kubernetes world

Deploy billions of containers per second without expanding your DevOps team.
Host applications for any task — from local testing to enterprise software development.

Dive into Kubernetes ecosystem

Connect additional applications to monitor, optimize and develop your cloud infrastructure due to the full support of the Kubernetes API.

Travis CI

Improve development power

Take your cloud infrastructure to the next level.

Streamline operations
Automate staged application releases, deployment, and instance replication, and you will no longer need operating activities.
Resource efficiency
Use computational power more efficiently by getting data on the required resources, memory, and storage for your applications.
Full K8s API support
Use a fully compatible endpoint to work with the kubectl command-line interface and other tools of the Kubernetes ecosystem.
Increase team productivity by deploying, updating, and managing applications and services at top speed.

Enjoy Serverspace Kubernetes

Use our special K8s features to deploy your cluster in minutes.

High Availability
Choose a High Availability cluster and protect your infrastructure from failures.
Ingress controller
Enable the ingress controller to provide load balancing.
Port any application that supports Kubernetes to Serverspace.

Simple control panel

We have simplified your actions as much as possible and developed a user-friendly interface.

Deploy a Kubernetes cluster in two easy steps:

  • Select a data center.
  • Select the node configuration. If necessary, activate the High Availability cluster and the ingress controller.

Why do you need Kubernetes?

Create and configure clusters for any tasks.

Web services
Deploy your web services in Serverspace Kubernetes and don’t worry about infrastructure support. Scale it easily when the load increases and be sure – your applications are always available.
Manage the development lifecycle to integrate and scale pipelines by running GitLab components easily.
API and backend services
Entrust Serverspace Kubernetes to store vital services that provide the operation of your applications. Logs and authentication will always be portable and accessible.


What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source software developed to automate containerized applications deployment, scaling, and management. Read more.

What is a master node?

It is a node that controls and manages a set of working nodes. The master node consists of three components that help manage working nodes: kube-apiserver, kube-controller-manager, and kube-scheduler.

For which projects is Kubernetes suitable?

Managed Kubernetes serves well as to startups and small businesses, and to large companies that need their solutions to develop and function stably.