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“Your server is fast as possible and easy to connect and do it the work. I am very happy about your services and i will recommend to my friends.”
“I have 2 windows servers with Serverspace for more than 2 months, I am using them to run trading robots and so far they are working very well, I have not had any problems. Best Regards "”
“I use this service for Windows 10 server VM with a good service until now, excellent uptime and 0 network or related issues, since the use is not intended for services offers or SaaS/PaaS deployments I don't have any more information about other services you provide.”
“I use Serverspace because provides very stable and fast servers. Also, your site provides many features to the user, and I can build a new server or delete the previous server whenever I want. Fully automatic, as well as full support. Thanks for the importance you give to the user.”
“I am Brazilian, and after testing several and several sites, both Brazilian and foreign, I arrived at the Serverspace and stayed, in the others it was not 1-2 months, bad service, instabilities and disproportionate price to what was offered, when trying the Serverspace, I fell in love, because it meets my needs without any problems and with practicality my needs.”

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The client creates a project in the account and assigns agency employees as administrators who can leave the project after completing the work.


The client has been added as an administrator. After completing the work, the agency remains the owner of the project and can exit it if necessary.

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VMware cloud
  • Copy machines with a few clicks
  • Set up automatic back-up
  • Connect to a private/public network
  • Use unlimited traffic
  • Scale at any time
  • Pay only for used resources

Increase productivity with K8S, CDN, and DNS.


Use Terraform, API, and CLI to simplify development.

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