Private network

Build a private communication channel between your cloud servers.

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1 Gbps bandwidth

Use a low latency gigabit network. It is safe and stable.

At no charge

The service is free of charge. Create up to 10 networks within 1 project.

Global access points

Build private networks in multiple data centers around the world.

Single-tenant architecture

Your own network that works by your rules.


Access control

Organize private access to your applications and services with no use of public IP addresses. Create a range of IP addresses and subnets by yourself, and give access to your data to a limited number of people.


Enhanced security

A private network ensures compliance with most industry security standards. You get the network at your own disposal with no neighbors and a guarantee of your data confidentiality.

Automated & simplified

We made all the processes so simple that even a beginner can handle them.

Smart addressing

You can choose an automatic address configuration or manually adjust network prefix and capacity.

Creation in seconds

We've optimized the speed of networks creation. They are created so fast, and you won't even have a chance to blink.

Some of our clients reviews

“I use this service for Windows 10 server VM with a good service until now, excellent uptime and 0 network or related issues, since the use is not intended for services offers or SaaS/PaaS deployments I don't have any more information about other services you provide.”
Average Score 4.9
Reviews 1029

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How to create a private network?

Go to the Networks section in the control panel. Click on the «Add network» button and select Isolated network out of the network types. Select the data center, and then set addressing parameters by specifying a prefix and network capacity manually or automatically. Enter the name of the network you are creating, add a description if necessary, and click «Create network».

How to create a VPC?

After creating the network, click on its name and click «Connect server» in the «Connection» tab. Next select cloud servers that you need to connect to the isolated network and click «Connect».