Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Accelerate content distribution. Boost your website's efficiency. Cut down on infrastructure maintenance expenses.

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CDN is

A CDN (content delivery network) is a distributed infrastructure of servers hosted in different geographic locations.

The CDN service significantly improves the speed of content delivery to end users and reduces the load on the main server.

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Deploy worldwide

Cloud servers are available worldwide in 5 global markets: the USA, Europe, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

CDN is helpful for

SEO boost

Quick website loading plays a pivotal role in determining a SEO score. Leveraging a CDN is a highly impactful approach to propel your website's position in search engine rankings while simultaneously enhancing the user experience of your customers.


Guaranteeing Uninterrupted Accessibility

A CDN not only streamlines content scalability but also flexibly responds to surges in website traffic, especially during high-impact events like promotional drives or real-time broadcasts.


Slashing Infrastructure Expenditures

By alleviating pressure on the primary framework, you conserve pivotal resources essential for sustaining your online platform. This strategy permits you to bypass the acquisition of extra hardware while preserving your website's optimal efficiency.


Technological benefits

Abilities of using HTTP/2 and TLS protocols
GZip and Brotli compression
Let's Encrypt (for free)
Abilities of cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)
DDoS mitigation
Traffic load balancing
Unique Hyper-converged vStack platform

Choose Serverspace. But why?

SLA at 99%

We pledge consistent service uptime as per the SLA, with assurances of compensation should there be any breach.

Resilience in Action

Should a server falter, the CDN seamlessly reroutes requests to the remaining operational servers.

Public IPv4 Designations

IPv4 stands as a foundational protocol, offering address capacities for roughly 4.3 billion locations

Dashboard Accessibility

Integrate CDNs and oversee additional services through an intuitive user interface

Pay-as-you-go Charging

Billing occurs every 10 minutes, ensuring you're only paying for the resources you genuinely utilize.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Reach out to our expert support team through email, phone calls, or ticket submissions

Configuring a CDN: A Guide


Enroll by creating an account on the Serverspace control panel and top up your balance.

Domain Integration

Point your domain to our nameservers and insert the necessary A-records.

Feedback is the engine of progress

“I am Brazilian, and after testing several and several sites, both Brazilian and foreign, I arrived at the Serverspace and stayed, in the others it was not 1-2 months, bad service, instabilities and disproportionate price to what was offered, when trying the Serverspace, I fell in love, because it meets my needs without any problems and with practicality my needs.”
“I have 2 windows servers with Serverspace for more than 2 months, I am using them to run trading robots and so far they are working very well, I have not had any problems. Best Regards "”
“We use ServerSpace for hosting Windows VPS's for our clients. The control panel interface is extremely easy to use, the setup is always very fast, and the reliability and uptime of the servers has been perfect. The VPS's perform at an excellent speed and the price is perfect for our needs. The pre-payment bonus helps with the cost even further. We'll be using ServerSpace for as long as we're able to.”
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How does a CDN Shield Your Site Against DDoS Attacks?

It filters out traffic from questionable IP addresses or those that exhibit an unusually high volume of requests.

Why Should International Websites Opt for a CDN?

A CDN hosts content across multiple geographic regions, enhancing download speeds and facilitating swifter content delivery in local dialects.

Serverspace boasts presence in 7 key locations: USA, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, Belarus, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

How Can CDN Enhance Your Initiatives?

A CDN's hallmark is its proficiency in rapidly delivering vast content chunks to its end-users. It equips organizations and individuals with the tools to:

  • streamline audio and video broadcasts;
  • disperse hefty gaming and software packages;
  • ensure an online store's seamless performance amidst marketing drives.

How do Static and Dynamic Content Differ in the Context of CDNs?

Static content, like images and videos, remains constant and resides on servers for extended periods. In contrast, dynamic content, such as information from databases, is produced in real-time.

For CDNs, static content is particularly advantageous since it can be stored (or cached) on servers, enabling faster delivery to end-users.