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Host static or dynamic websites on your personal cloud infrastructure.

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SLA 99,9%

We provide a guarantee of uninterrupted infrastructure performance, backed by a 99.9% availability commitment stated in our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Quickest Start

Create virtual servers in just one minute, making this deployment time one of the fastest in the industry.

24/7 Assistance

Our technical support specialists are here for you 24/7, and you can reach them via phone or the control panel at any time.

Effortlessly set up a server for your website.

Utilize Serverspace services to effortlessly deploy your website in the cloud.

User-friendly interface

Effortlessly oversee services through our intuitive control panel. Add services, monitor expenses, and manage your entire cloud infrastructure within a unified interface available in two themes - light and dark.


Scalable resources

Easily customize servers with flexible configurations, ranging from 512 MB RAM and 1 Core vCPU to 320 GB RAM and 64 Core vCPUs. Adjust vCPUs, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth as your site grows, all through the control panel.


Reliable and transparent pricing

Enjoy transparent and predictable pricing with Serverspace. Pay for the actual server runtime and adjust configurations as needed.


Quickly deploy your website on Serverspace's cloud.

Host your website on your cloud server for dependable infrastructure. Deploy and configure your server in minutes with our guidance for reliability.

Virtual server rental calculator

Request any cloud server configuration that suits your website's requirements.

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Host your website using Serverspace infrastructure

Virtual servers

Set up a vStack or VMware-based server and unlock your cloud access in an astonishing 40 seconds.

Scalable storage

Safeguard your files and unstructured data in S3-compliant storage, and enjoy the cost savings of paying only for the storage space you actively employ.

DNS hosting

Delegate your domain to a robust DNS server and effortlessly control its resource records via the Serverspace control panel.

Edge Gateways

Secure your project's data within isolated networks by configuring NAT and firewall rules.


Which Content Management Systems (CMS) are compatible with Serverspace website hosting?

You have the flexibility to install any CMS of your choice. In our pre-configured application catalog, you'll find WordPress, one of the most popular choices for website hosting, which can be installed with just a few clicks. Our virtual servers seamlessly support all WordPress plugins and themes.

Additionally, you can manually install other CMS platforms by following our step-by-step tutorials.

What is the pricing for website hosting?

The hosting cost varies based on your selected server configuration, including factors such as the number of vCPUs, RAM, storage capacity, and bandwidth. You can determine the cost using the price calculator provided above or view detailed pricing information on the pricing page.

Require assistance?

For technical guidance, log in to the control panel and initiate a support ticket.