Serverspace API

Secure programmatic access to Serverspace control panel functions via HTTP requests.

Automate Your Development

Interact with your cloud infrastructure or integrate it with your apps, scripts, and services.

RESTful Interface
API is based on the REST architectural style.
Requested API data is sent in JSON format.
Popular Methods
Data exchange methods: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

Available Operations

When using Serverspace API, you can do almost everything you would do when you use the Serverspace control panel.

Cloud Management
Manage cloud servers, networks, and network interfaces, as well as snapshots and additional drives.
Project Details
Get detailed information about projects and tasks, and manage SSH keys.

Where to Begin

At first, you need to create an API key in the control panel. View the API documentation for details.

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What is API?

API (Application Programming Interface) is a handy tool that allows programs to instantly exchange the information they need. Simply put, API transfers information from one interface to another. This allows developers to access various services and applications and customize integration with their products.

What are Private and Public APIs?

Private APIs are available only for the employees working within a specific organization and used to optimize internal processes. Public APIs are available to everyone and allow any developer to get access to the functions of a specific service.