RDP connection problems

Make sure that you have carefully connect to Windows Server.

Make sure that you have not accidentally «hooked» a space before or after the password when copying it.

Open control panel and check if the required server is turned on.

Make sure that no domain is specified for the connection.

If you connect to a server from a PC within a corporate network then make sure that port 3389 is unblocked (most often, it is blocked in corporate networks).

If the above steps have failed then click StartRun and type cmd in a window that opens. In a window that opens, type ping <name of the server from control panel>:

  1. If you see «Request timed out», then you probably have network accessibility problems. Contact your ISP.
  2. If you see «Reply from IP address: bytes=xx time=xms TTL=xxx», then steps described in clauses 1-4 of this guideline may help.