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December 26, 2022
Updated August 1, 2023

Bitrix24 install on the server under Centos 7


Benefits of Bitrix24

One of the most popular CRM today is Bitrix24. Its prevalence is due to fairly good quality and support from the developer, ease of management, a large number of plug-ins from third-party developers that expand the basic functionality.

Server Requirements

Bitrix24 can be installed on any server that meets the following requirements:

  • Modern 64-bit edition of Linux;
  • At least 2GB of RAM;
  • At least 10 GB of disk space (excluding the space occupied by the OS);
  • An account with privileged rights;
  • An active domain name with DNS records "directed" to the server's IP address;
  • Valid license key (trial access for 30 days is possible).

Installation and setup

To install the Bitrix24 on Centos 7, 1C developers created a special script, to use it do follow:

Log in to the server with elevated rights;

sudo -s

Install the wget utility to get the installation script further;

yum install -y wget


Download the installation script and run it. If necessary, the script will offer to disable SELinux, with which you must agree;



Reboot the server;
Run the script again. The system update will start, wait for the process to complete, as a result you should see a message as in the screenshot below;


Close the terminal and login as root again. You will be prompted to change the bitrix account password. Do it.
Create a pool by pressing the number "1":


Enter a name for the pool. If you have one site on the server, it is advisable to enter its domain name:


The script will start its work, when finished, open your site in a browser. A window like the one below should appear. Click the "Install" button:


Select the required edition of the Bitrix24, enter your license key in the field below and click on the "Download" button:


Accept the license agreement:


If you have a license key - fill in the proposed fields, if you are installing a trial version - uncheck the box:


The Bitrix24 installation will begin. Upon completion, you will be prompted to set a username and password to enter the CMS. Do it:


Choose a site design template from the proposed ones or download a third-party one from the 1C marketplace:


The remaining steps depend on the selected theme and the options provided for it, look something like this:

At the end, you will be taken to the Bitrix24 administrative panel. This completes the installation:



In this article, we talked about the advantages of the Bitrix24, examined the process of installing it on a server running Centos 7 using an installation script developed by 1C.

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