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June 14, 2023
Updated June 14, 2023

Adding cipher suites to Nginx config

Nginx Web server

What is nginx cipher and why should you change its

Nginx is one of the most known webserver today. To prove the website is really what its seems, SSL-certificates are using everywhere. It looks wonderful, seemingly. But the reality is that SSL cipher's sets are changes cause there are always new algorithms appears. So thats the reason why "out-of-the-box" Nginx configuration isn't optimal too often.

How to check your server's SSL rank

Before check you need a fast'n'reliable VDS with webserver "inside" and domain which DNS-records are "pointed to this server. Then you can look at the current SSL ciphers using this service. As we see, default configuration isn't highly graded:


To fix it just open your Nginx configuration file, find the  directive ssl_ciphers and replace its value with follow code:

ssl_ciphers EECDH:+AES256:-3DES:RSA+AES:RSA+3DES:!NULL:!RC4;


Save the file, restart service via systemctl restart nginx command and check the result again:



After this article reading you know how to "raise" your website's SSL rank, it will be useful for SEO.

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