Monitoring — a new service at Serverspace

We are happy to offer our new monitoring service. The service operates in the automatic mode. It continuously monitors the availability of servers (hosts) and domains from Minsk, Frankfurt am Main, Amsterdam, Moscow, and New York. It gives Serverspace customers an opportunity to quickly identify failures and react to any kind of them. It will help businesses reduce the downtime of their own services to a minimum. Thus, it will prevent loss of customers and revenue, and help startups reduce their customer churn rate.

To start monitoring, you must choose the host or domain that you would like to monitor and select the check type (PING, TCP, or HTTP); Then, determine the frequency, choose the host checkpoints, and set the response time. You can see all the monitoring results in the «History» tab. If required, we will send them in email notifications. You can create, delete, view hosts and metrics, as well as run an unscheduled check at any time you want.

The service is completely free within the first 30 days.

Have questions before you deploy? Contact our Customer Success team to get answers.
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