Serverspace provides Free VPS Servers to Technical Universities

The promotion is valid for the time of the coronavirus pandemic for organizing distance learning and writing diplomas

In the context of the spread of COVID-19 and quarantine, most educational institutions are forced to switch to distance learning. Many technical universities need virtual server equipment for organizing distance learning and student self-training. Serverspace offered its assistance to 100 technical universities from around the world.

During the pandemic period, students can use free-of-charge cloud VPS-servers for full training: deployment and testing of applications, virtual desktops, website hosting and more. Serverspace has many configuration options for VPS servers: students can select and configure a virtual machine for their project.

Comment by Serverspace press service:

“The COVID-19 pandemic and forced isolation have affected all sectors, from medicine to private business. Education also suffers. We live in the digital age, and the training of technical specialists is a priority for any country. We will overcome the consequences of the current crisis, including through the efforts of future engineers and programmers.

Severspace believes that in this unprecedented situation, it is very important that universities have the opportunity not to stop the learning process. Helping students with technical specialties is not just a “goodwill gesture”, but a necessary contribution to economic recovery. ”

About Serverspace

Serverspace is a cloud provider that offers services for private clients: VPS/VDS servers, virtual infrastructure (IaaS), remote desktops, DNS hosting, object storage. Serverspace’s cloud infrastructure is hosted at reliable data centers in Amsterdam and New Jersey. Virtual servers are based on  vStack hyperconverged platform and bhyve hypervisor.

For more information contact: marketing@serverspace.us

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