Track your infrastructure availability, and get alerts the moment an incident occurs.

Monitoring You Can Rely On

No false incidents. Stay peace of mind.

Infrastructure downtime costs you more than just your reputation; it directly affects your revenue. If a potential customer lands on your server and it’s down, they’re going to head right over to your competitor’s that is online.

That’s not all. If your website is consistently down, your SEO ranking will be impacted meaning your competitors get ahead of the game again. The answer? Identifying website downtime as soon as it happens is key to your business needs.

Find Trouble Before Your Customers Do

Availability issues is a disaster. Setup monitoring and avoid costly problems. Happened downtime? Get notified.

13 Performance Metrics
Use a wide range of metrics. Service includes a collection of the most popular tracking tools.
5 Global Points
Check uptime around the world. If you’re down in US but up in Europe, you’ll know about it.
1-60m Check Interval
Monitor performance with the fastest 1-min checks or set a longer time. Your choice.

Simple and Quick Set Up

It's quick and easy to set up. Create your monitor in the control panel and then run a single line of script on the target server to get everything up and running.

Ping, SSL & TLD expiration
The most commonly used monitors come built-in and can be configured in a few seconds.
Instant Alerts
Downtime happens. We'll send you a notification letting you know when it does.
Invisible Mode
We'll keep an eye on your infrastructure for you in the background

Fair Pricing

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How does alerting work?

If any metric is above the defined levels you set then we will send an alert. If the script has not received a response in the expected time frame this will also trigger an alert. The script itself does not require any file space to run and as such if your disk becomes full the script will still trigger alerts.