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October 19, 2023
Updated October 17, 2023

Neofetch - linux system information


Linux is an operating system that is both widely used and free. It provides users wide range of features and customization options. Among the useful tools available on Linux is Neofetch.
Neofetch is a command line utility designed for displaying information about installed system within a Linux terminal window. It provides details about OS version, kernel, processor, memory, and other relevant characteristics of the OS.
This is an extremely convenient tool for those who work with Linux, as it allows you to quickly get information about the system without having to use a GUI. This tool allows users to create unique drawings of their system. In this article, we'll look at the basics of Neofetch and how it can improve your Linux experience.


Neofetch is a program written in Bash. It allows users to display information about their Linux system as an ASCII image.
A variety of Linux distributions are supported, including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux, and others. These distributions can be conveniently installed using their respective package managers.


Neofetch, a command line utility for displaying system information on Linux, can be easily installed on various Linux distributions using a package manager. For instance, on Debian, you can install it by running the command:

apt update && apt upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install neofetch

Key Features

Displaying system information: Using the Neofetch tool, you can display various system information, including username, hostname, distribution, architecture, kernel version and other information.
Customizable Output: You can customize Neofetch's output by choosing what data to display and in what format.
Theme Support: Neofetch supports various ASCII art themes that are selected by the user.
Script support: Neofetch allows users to use their own scripts to customize the output.


After installation, Neofetch can be accessed by executing the command "neofetch" on the terminal. This will present system details in ASCII art format:

Screenshot №1. Just start program without any parameters

You can also use additional flags and parameters to customize Neofetch's output to suit your requirements.
For example, you can change the output colors, add a distribution logo, or change the font:

neofetch --colors 2 7

To add a distribution logo, you must use the --ascii_distro parameter. For example, to add the Ubuntu logo, run the following command:

neofetch --ascii_distro ubuntu
Screenshot №2. Start with distro parameter

To change the font you must use the --font option. For example, to change the font to Inconsolata, run the following command:

neofetch --font inconsolata

Neofetch also supports ASCII art output. To do this, you must use the --ascii option. For example, to display system information in ASCII art format, run the following command:

neofetch --ascii


Neofetch is a versatile and user-friendly utility that showcases your Linux system's details in a distinct ASCII art format. It offers customizable output and is compatible with different Linux distributions and themes.

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